Welcome to Mothers’ Hideaway!! This blog started as a way to let people know about the wonderful forum dedicated to a supportive group of women that love to chat about Trying To Conceive (TTC), Pregnancy, Parenting, and so much more.

Then it turned into something more. Somewhere I could pour my heart out and let all of the crazy thoughts that run through my head escape. So here’s a little bit about our Hideaway household.

Sara: I’m the woman behind the camera. You’ll never see me because either I’m hiding or you’re a head taller than me. Most people only notice me after they’ve tripped over me and their armpit stench has thoroughly invaded my nostrils.

Born and raised in California, I moved to Chicago to follow my heart. While here I followed my passion and became a high school teacher. After years of struggling with lupus and infertility I was told I needed to quit my job so I could let my body heal. Begrudgingly I listened to my husband and doctor only to realize I was pregnant at the very end of the school year. Suddenly, life started going my way for once.

Now, I stay at home with my boys and try to keep the sanity with spit up stained shirts, pasta wheelies in my hair, and multi-colored walls painted by Toddler Picasso. Motherhood is everything I dreamed it would be and more. I just wish I slept long enough to have more dreams!

After finding so much support on message boards while trying to conceive and pregnancy I branched out on my own and founded Mothers’ Hideaway. Some of my best and dearest friends are people I’ve “met” on the internet because it is here I can truly be myself. Through them, I’ve found all of you. Stay a while and share some stories with me. 🙂

Hubs: While known to be stubborn and endearing at the same time, he is definitely the best father any child could dream of having. He turned my world upside down one fateful night in Vegas and has been doing the same for the past nine years. He usually knows me better than I know myself and tries to slow me down when I’m running at full speed. When we’re not busy playing Mom and Dad and actually remember each other, we laugh over the silliest things and have fun doing the simplest of activities. He’s also been known to scream like a girl.

Fireman: My sweet 3 year old that has more energy than I can handle. Born on Christmas Day and truly one of the greatest miracles my body’s ever given me. He enjoys making firetruck sounds and running to our window as soon as he hears the sirens roll by. I promise, we don’t live in a dangerous part of town. I think, maybe. Oh crap, I’m not sure. He has also been known to give me bowls filled with strange liquids.

B: My body’s second miracle. The little guy that refuses to sleep. He’s a happy guy that makes everyone smile. He’s stealthy and smooth. While he charms you with his good looks he crawls away and makes a mad dash to play in the toilet!